Harry Styles Dating: Trait He Loves in a Girlfriend, Plus Harry Talks Marriage Proposals

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Harry Styles shares what he looks for in a girlfriend.

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One Direction hottie Harry Styles' dating info is in hot demand--like, is he dating anyone?

Harry is still single, but he did have a tip about what he looks for in a girlfriend, telling HollywoodLife.com at London Fashion Week, he likes "a good sense of humor" in a girl.

As for all those marriage proposals the 1D guys get, Harry is definitely a fan!

He recently told Top of the Pops magazine, "It's not embarrassing at all" to get proposals, adding, "I quite like it! I think it's really flattering and quite cute most of the time."

Maybe the emphasis should be on "most" of the time--we're betting there's no love for creepy stalker fans, right?

Meanwhile, Harry is rumored to be dating Cara Delevingne, the model he checked out at the Burberry fashion show! Check him out in the video below:

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