Harry Styles Goes Out With Two Girls in One Night...What?!

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Are they or aren't they? Well, you can decide for yourself...

Yesterday, One Direction's Harry Styles was caught at 19-year-old model, Cara Delevingne's fashion show, sitting front row and looking as handsome as ever!

Surrounded by other celebs, Harry watched the Burberry show at London Fashion Week, where Cara strutted her stuff on the catwalk.

He told ITN that
, "
She was great, she did a great job. She looked amazing." He also reportedly kissed her on the cheek and hugged her after the show...aww!

A few weeks ago there were rumors that the two of them were dating but nothing has been confirmed yet...although, we think this kind of says it all!

Or maybe not...?

Later in the night, Harry was seen out with model Pixie Geldof! Find out all the deets about that in the video above!

You know we have to ask!...

Who should Harry Styles date?
Cara!19 (7.9%)
Pixie!4 (1.7%)
ME!168 (70.3%)
No one!48 (20.1%)

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