Tired of Reading About Chris Brown on the Net?! There's an App for That!

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Chris BrownDo you think it's cruel or totally necessary? Attention Chris Brown haters (including you Drake!), there's now an app that allows you to block everything Breezy from the Internet.


A Canadian company just created an app that kicks Chris Brown off the Internet.

The app is called "Chris Brownout" and when you use it, it deletes any reference to Chris Brown while browsing online. So if you don't like him, you can use the app and never have to read anything about him again!

Too bad they couldn't do this for every celeb out there that gets a little annoying at times!

So why the Chris hate all of the sudden?

It has apparently all gone down due to his recent antics about his new Rihanna-looking tattoo. But we're sure his club fighting, woman beating and hotel trashing has something to do with it too!

Chris isn't the only entertainer the company has created net blocks for! Check out the video above to see who else they created apps for and how you can get your paws on them!

Do you think the Chris Brownout app is a little cruel? Or do you think it's totally necessary? Let us know!

The Chris Brownout App is...
Totally necessary! He's annoying!11 (32.4%)
Kind of mean!6 (17.6%)
Hilarious!9 (26.5%)
LAME!8 (23.5%)

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