One Direction 'Live While We're Young' Video Leaked Online: Official LWWY Video Today!

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The new One Direction Live While We're Young music video leaked online today--watch now (and if it's not available, the official LWWY video comes out today--see below!)

If you're lucky enough to watch the 1D Live While We're Young video, you'll see Niall, Liam, Louis, Zayn, and Harry in pure adorable mode.

The 1D guys are seen spilling out of a tent, playing in giant inflatable balls, goofing around at soccer, jumping on a trampoline, splashing in a pool and singing into giant microphones.

Yes, there's a giant inflatable banana too!

In a word? Fun.

Niall had tweeted when they made the video: "We have literally just finished shooting the video for 'live while we're young' ur gona love it! It was soo fun to shoot!"

The Live While We're Young music video leak prompted One Direction to move up the offical LWWY video premiere.

The 1D guys hopped on Twitcam this morning to respond to the LWWY video leak, saying the official video comes out at 5:00 today London time and on VEVO at 1 p.m. ET.

Keep checking back and we'll have the official Live While We're Young video when it's available!


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