Demi Lovato Comforts Britney Spears After Scary Storm Hits 'X-Factor' Set (WATCH!)

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Britney SpearsCheck out Britney's wacky reaction! We just love Britney Spears and Demi Lovato on X-Factor and it seems like they're diggin' each other too!

In a recent X-Factor episode, Demi and the crew go to North Carolina to watch and judge people auditioning for the show. During one performance and after a storm had already brewed up outside, lightning and thunder slammed the X-Factor venue. Not only did the storm make a loud boom but it also caused a temporary black out on stage.

The best part is Britney's facial reaction when the lightning strikes! (Peep it all in the video above!)

She totally lost her cool and started freaking out. In typical Simon Cowell fashion, he kept calm and went back to shutting down the performer, while Demi laughed and tried her best to see if Brit-Brit was all right. Aww!

Britney was fine after a little jump, wacky faces and a few curse words too!

Brit def made us laugh and it's cool to see the two X-Factor ladies getting along so well (bet they can't say the same at American Idol)! We knew the girls would bring talent to the panel but they're bringing laughs too...awesome!

Think there's potential for Demi and Britney to be BFFs? Man, we hope so!

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