'Married to Jonas' Episode 6: Danielle Tries to Plan a Graduation Party

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Watch a new Married to Jonas episode 6 clip now!

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Check out the new Married to Jonas episode 6 video clip, where Kevin and Danielle Jonas get some dog training advice... and Dani tries to plan her sister's graduation party.

First up, it's chaos in the Jonas kitchen, as a dog trainer is on hand to help out with housetraining the pooches, but Dani's family is also there.

Anyone else feeling like there's too much going on here?

In the midst of the dog advice, Danielle's family finds out she's trying to plan a graduation party and her sister Dina totally takes over.

Wow, between Dani's family and Kevin's family, it feels like Danielle's voice really gets lost in the shuffle.

Dina steps in and says, "I'll do this. No one else knows what they're doing. I'll do this."

Dina wants to help, but wow, does she take over, saying, "I just don't know that you know what you're doing... you get nervous and anxious and, you know, makes you kind of scatterbrained... you're not going to be able to handle it."

Dani says it best, "This is why I didn't want everyone involved."

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