'Glee's' Britney Spears Episode: Was It Hot or So Not?

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Do you think it will live on as a classic episode? Last night, Glee took on the life and music of Britney Spears.

With the Glee Brittany down in the dumps--she was missing Santana and kicked off the Cheerios for bad grades--her friends at New Directions decided to cheer her up with ANOTHER week long Britney Spears' tribute.

The plan kinda backfired because Brittany started acting like Britney during her downward spiral--eating Cheetos, hitting people with umbrellas, lip synching and acting totally out of it on stage.

Of course, in typical Britney fashion, our Brittany picked herself back up and made a comeback!

Other highlights from last night included Rachel finally standing up to her nasty dance teacher Cassandra July. They have a new understanding, for sure.

And some sparks were lit for a hot romance!

Rachel is still pining for Finn--but her NYADA friend Brody made it known that he has a thing for her. He even rode the subway for 45 minutes to Rachel's new pad with Kurt in Brooklyn just to tell her so.

And back in Lima, new New Directions' star Marley has it bad for Puck's rebellious half-brother Jake. Sadly, he's dating Kitty, the popular and nasty Cheerio. But we saw the way Jake looks at Marley!

PS--How happy were you to see Puck back, even for a minute, in the music room?

Here's one of the best Britney tributes from last night (you can see them ALL here):

And we're dying to know what you think of the new season of Glee so far!


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