Harry Styles' Flirty Wedding Fun With Older Singer...Guess Who!

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It's not a secret that One Direction cutie Harry Styles is quite the ladies man!

He recently snagged a cougar's attention at a mutual friend's wedding. Can you guess who?

According to The Mirror, Harry was caught hanging out and being very flirty with 37-year-old Australian singer/actress/model Natalie Imbruglia.

Harry and Natalie giggled and talked all night and he was reportedly totally smitten by her!

And the party didn't end at the wedding...

The two of them stayed in the same hotel and also met up for breakfast at the same time the next morning! Hmm, coincidence? Probably not!

Harry and Natalie walked in to eat together and his friends reportedly cheered loudly when they entered, leaving Harry pretty embarrassed. LOL!

So, do you think there's something going on with the two of them? Or is Harry just the ladies man? Let us know!

Do you think Harry and Natalie would be a good couple?
NO! She's WAY too OLD for him!146 (84.9%)
YES! She's beautiful and talented...just like him!26 (15.1%)

Harry recently hung out with fashion model Cara Delevingne and another lady too! Find out all about his latest female "friends" HERE!

And in case you aren't sure who Natalie Imbruglia is...check out the video below. Do you remember her song?

Gallery | Harry Styles Out and About!

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