Miley Cyrus' Sister Asks Her For Huge, One Direction Birthday Hook Up

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Miley CyrusAnd check out the baller car she just hooked herself up with too! It pays to have an older sister in showbiz that's for sure!

Just ask 12-year-old Noah Cyrus!

Her old sister is Miley Cyrus, of course, and she sure does know how to butter up her popular big sister when it comes to getting awesome things on her birthday!

Miley showcased a text from Noah the other day on her Twitter account, where Noah was basically begging Miley to get One Direction to play at her birthday party!

LOL, how cute is that? Miley's response is hilarious too!

Do you think she'll hook her little sis up? She sure does hook herself up! Check out the new car she and Liam Hemsworth just bought in the video above! It's worth around $200,000!


Would you hook up your sibling(s) if you were rich and famous?
YES! I'd get them anything I could!261 (64.3%)
No way! My brother/sister sucks!29 (7.1%)
I'd have to think about it!116 (28.6%)

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