'Hunger Games' Bad Lip Reading Video: A Hilarious 'Hunger Games' Parody!

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Have you watched The Hunger Games Bad Lip Reading video yet?

Hunger Games fans, this is one parody video you shouldn't miss!

In a word? Hilarious!

Honestly, we can't pick one part that's our favorite, because it's all so good.

From Katniss and Gale's bathroom discussion at the opening, to Cinna's "Do something fruity" line, to Katniss' goat sounds, and the cave kiss between Peeta and Katniss--there is too much bad lip reading gold to choose from.

We love Peeta's post-kiss question though: "And that's how babies grow?"

Parodies, when done well, are always a hit, but there's something extra cool about matching up what it looks like the movie's characters are saying with some random stuff--it's really quite good.

Even Josh Hutcherson is a fan, as he tweeted a link to the YouTube video, writing: "These guys always make me laugh. It's an honor to be a part of your nonsense"

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