Justin Bieber: "Mrs. Bieber" Fan Loses Battle with Cancer

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Avalanna Routh and Justin Bieber shared a special bond Justin Bieber and Avalanna Routh

It's a sad day for Justin Bieber and many beliebers too...

Six-year-old Avalanna Routh aka "Mrs.Bieber" passed away after losing her battle with cancer.

Routh was known to many across the globe, all thanks to Justin Bieber, after her friends and family did all they could to make her dream of meeting JB come true. After connecting with Scooter Braun, her dream came true when she was able to meet Justin in New York City. When she finally got to meet him, he posted a video online for everyone to see and gave her the nickname "Mrs.Bieber" because they had a special bond.

The news of her passing is all over the Internet and news. The hashtags #RIPMRSBIEBER and #RIPAVALANNA are trending on Twitter.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Avalanna's loved ones. We can smile a little knowing her dream did come true.

Check out Avalanna and Justin's time together in the video below.

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