One Direction: Debuts New Colorful Line of UGG Boots

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One Direction

We are in LOVE...seriously...

The guys from One Direction amaze us like everyday and now they just debuted their UGG boots line!

The new merch is a variety of pastel colored UGG boots that contain a large "1D" logo on the calf. They also have "One Direction" on them too!

A lot of 1D fans are making fun of the boots on Twitter and Facebook, but we happen to think they're freaking awesome!

Distributed by Australian beach supplies retailer Between the Flags, the boots are the first piece to debut in 1D's new surf wear collection that includes flip flops, shorts, plaid shirts and more.

Find out how much the boots are by clicking HERE!

Will you get your paws on some One Direction UGGs? Do you have a pair already? If so tweet us a pic and let us know your thoughts!

Are you feeling the 1D UGGs?
OMG YES! I NEED THEM NOW!2337 (86.0%)
EW NO! THEY'RE SO UGLY!382 (14.0%)

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