Robert Pattinson Reportedly Moves Back in with Kristen Stewart...Is It Too Soon?

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Kristen Stewart arrives from ParisAnd what does Rob's family think about all of this?! Find out here!

Has Robert Pattinson forgiven Kristen Stewart? It seems like it!

US Weekly is reporting that Robert Pattinson just recently moved back in with Kristen Stewart. They're also saying that things aren't exactly how they used to be for the couple and that Rob is a little insecure right now.

Aww, poor guy!

Rob isn't the only one having a hard time forgiving Kristen, his sisters are too! Radar Online reported that they did not want him to get back with K-Stew after the whole cheating scandal broke and now that the couple's trying to reconcile, Rob's entire family is hesitant to let Kristen back in.

Do you blame them? Do you think it's too soon for him to move back in with her?

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Do you think it's too soon for Rob to move back in?
YES! What's he thinking?!324 (57.1%)
NO! They're meant to be together!243 (42.9%)

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