Selena Gomez Visits Ellen DeGeneres and Gets Scared...Twice! (WATCH!)

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And see what she says about Justin Bieber too!

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We aren't sure who we love more...Selena Gomez or Ellen DeGeneres!

When Selena recently stopped by Ellen's show, not only did she talk about Justin Bieber and her new movie Hotel Transylvania, but she also got scared TWICE by Ellen and her crew!

Ellen scares Selena when she tells her about her love of Halloween mazes. She also got her when she talked about her new vampire movie!

Selena's reaction is priceless and you can totally tell she was scared! What's even better is that the audience didn't even hint to her that the scares were coming!

Check out Selena on Ellen below and get ready to L-O-L when she gets scared!

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