Justin Bieber Barfed in Concert, Oh No! Plus, a Touching Tribute to Mrs. Bieber

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Of course, the big Justin Bieber news over the weekend was that he barfed at his concert.

We've got the video footage of Justin's unfortunate mid-song boot, which he explained in tweets was due to... milk? Or maybe he was just quoting the movie Anchorman?

He tweeted, "And .... Milk was a bad choice! Lol"

We're amazed that he carried on with the show despite his tummy troubles, but Justin is never one to disappoint his fans!

While we feel for Justin and we know it was big news, we were more interested in Justin's dedication of One Less Lonely Girl to his super-fan, Mrs. Bieber (Avalanna Routh), who died this week.

Watch the video of Justin's dedication to Avalanna below. Before the concert, he dedicated the show to Mrs. Bieber, tweeting: "Big day today. Tonight is for my angel. #mrsbieber"

Later he tweeted, "Goodnight Avalanna. Tonight was for u. I love u"

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