Justin Bieber's Acting Career is About to Take Off and You Won't Believe What Kind of Movie He Wants to Make First!

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Justin Bieber has a lot on his mind these days--he's touring the US, watching his mom promote her deeply personal memoir and thinking about if he has career aspirations beyond music!

Biebs opened up to Entertainment Tonight about it all--first by giving his mom major props for telling her story. "It's a hard story and my mom went through a lot growing up but she can help a lot of girls," he says. "I can't believe she stayed so strong."

How does Justin stay strong--and sane--with so much pressure on him? "My passion," he reveals. "My passion makes me want to make everyone happy and proud and make a good impact on the world."

And while Justin never gave up on his music dreams and made them come true--acting isn't far behind.

"I've been offered a few scripts for after my tour," Justin say. "Looking for roles that are good for me. I want to do comedy--and action!"

What kind of movie do you want to see Justin star in?

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