More Drama for Lindsay Lohan! Now the Actress Says She Was Attacked in Her Hotel Room!

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So just how did this attacker find his way to her room? Lindsay, Lindsay, Lindsay. Is there am invisible sign that says "DRAMA! Follow me!" on her back?

It sure seems that way. Last week it was a hit and run. This week, it's an assault in her very own hotel room.

According to E!, Lindsay met 20-year-old Christian LaBella and his friends while out in a NYC nightclub. Lindsay invited them back to her room at the W hotel but then got mad when she caught him taking pictures with his phone.

Um, so that never occurred to Linds BEFORE she invited strangers back to her room that they might want pics?

Apparently Linds tried to grab the phone away but LaBella threw her down and scratched her. Lindsay was able to escape but came back and this time he tried to choke her! She pulled the fire alarm and the police came.

LaBella was charged with two counts of misdemeanor assault and two counts of harassment BUT the charges were ultimately dropped because police determined that no crime was committed.

Lindsay's reps remains adamant that she was assaulted and there should be consequences!

What do you think? Is there a part of the story we don't know?

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