Cody Simpson Talks His New Album and Hanging With Justin Bieber! (EXCLUSIVE!)

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See what Cody had to tell us HERE!


Cody Simpson fans rejoice!

Cody's new album Paradise finally hit stores today and we have to admit, we have it already and it's pretty much...a-mazing!

We totally knew it would be though! Have you seen "Finding Cody," the YouTube create-your-own-ending movie Cody and his peeps made? It's so why wouldn't his new album be spec-tac too?! (You can peep it below!)

We recently got the chance to talk to Cody and he told us all about Paradise, touring like crazy and even admitted which pop star he hangs out with too!

"My new album is really fun and is about summer memories!," he said.

And we totally get that vibe from it! Have you heard the album's first single, "Be The One," yet?

Along with promoting his new album, Cody's been touring a lot. At first he was touring with Big Time Rush and now he's touring with Justin Bieber and Carly Rae Jepsen!

Cody admitted to us that he was totally stoked to play at the recent, sold out Justin Bieber concert at the Staples Center in Los Angeles! And he told us that he actually hangs with the Biebs when he gets a chance. How cool is that? And he wasn't kidding!...He was just seen with Justin and Selena Gomez in Vegas last weekend!

If you haven't listened to his new stuff, seen "Finding Cody," or seen him on tour with BTR or JB, then you're totally missing out!

Let us know what you think of his new album and watch/listen to all of his goodies below!



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