Katy Perry Celebrating Her Divorce from Russell Brand with a Party! What Do You Think of This Idea?

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Should Katy be celebrating on what would have been her wedding anniversary? October 23rd would have marked Katy Perry and Russell Brand's two year wedding anniversary.

Sadly, the couple officially divorced earlier this summer after splitting last year but that doesn't mean that Katy wants to mope about what went wrong.

Nope, instead, Katy is planning on throwing herself a party because two days after her anniversary, it's her 28th birthday--and she didn't want to be depressed on her special day!

Katy's closest pals encouraged her to spend a few days in Las Vegas instead but she decided it would be more fun to have a bash with her closest friends at home instead.

Do you think Katy is doing the right thing?

Is Katy Perry\'s Divorce Party a Good Idea?
Yes! Why shouldn't she have fun and be happy?157 (80.5%)
No! It's not something she should take lightly and celebrate.38 (19.5%)

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