Married to Jonas: Is Danielle Pregnant? Kevin and Dani Have a Big Announcement!

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Watch this Married to Jonas episode 7 video clip--what's Kevin and Danielle's big announcement?

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Is Danielle Jonas pregnant? That's the burning question after watching this Married to Jonas episode 7 video clip.

Just. Wow.

Watch as Kevin and Danielle take a camping trip with Dani's family and the couple (seen fishing) talk about a big announcement.

Will it be Jonas baby news?

Wishful thinking perhaps... but what else could it be?

Kevin says, "We really have a big announcement to tell them... when do you want to tell them?"

Dani wants to tell the news over s'mores, but Kevin has another idea: "I think we should tell them over breakfast... they had a whole night of miserable stuff and then we're going to tell them the greatest news ever."

You guys are killing us!

What do you think Kenielle's big news is?

Watch Kevin and Danielle's big announcement on Married to Jonas this Sunday, October 7 at 10 p.m. on E!

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