'Pitch Perfect' Cast: What Happens to the A Capella Crew After Graduation?

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Warning: Rebel Wilson gets a bit R-rated! If you wonder what happens to the Pitch Perfect characters after graduation, you're in luck!

The actors from the new hit comedy were on hand to answer our burning questions about what happens to the a capella crew after college.

Check out their answers in the clip above and let us know if there are any surprises!

Here, a few highlights:

Adam DeVine: "My character is singing back up for John Mayer, but he's gonna have his own career that's going to be short lived." After that, he explains, he'll be working at a Kia car dealership.

Rebel Wilson says Fat Amy will be going to Broadway. Let's leave it at that.

Ester Dean predicts there may not be a graduation for her character so she can come back for a Pitch Perfect sequel!

We love that idea: She can be just like Brittany on Glee!

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