Demi Lovato Gets Her Own Personalized Starbucks Cup!

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How baller is that?!


There's one thing every Demi Lovato fan knows, and that's that she loves Starbucks! And honestly, who doesn't? But Demi DID have one complaint about her fave coffee chain...

Apparently every time she'd make regular visits to Starbucks, she still had to tell the baristas her name to write on the cup. Seriously, who doesn't know who Demi is?

Demi has proven her talent to basically everyone as her fame has grown tremendously over the past year. Not only is she a new judge on X Factor, but she's gotten her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame too!

We totally think she's "made it," but the baristas didn't seem to recognize her. (Hey, maybe they're American Idol or The Voice fans?)

Yep, Demi tweeted that she wanted her own personalized Starbucks cup! L-O-L!

And how did the coffee store reply to her plea? After #putdemisnameonastarbuckscup began trending on Twitter, Starbucks tweeted Demi back yesterday and it was retweeted over 11,000 times!

How awesome is that?! We're pretty sure Demi has made it in every way possible, aren't you?!


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