Is There a Big, Ol' Feud Brewing Between Troubled Stars Amanda Bynes and Lindsay Lohan?

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Wait until you hear what they are saying about each other! It's been a bumpy summer for Amanda Bynes with a stream of arrests, DUIs, hit and runs and reports of odd behavior. Her friends and family have publicly expressed their concern for her.

You would think that during this tough time Amanda might look for support from other stars who have traveled down a negative path at some point in their career.

Like say, Lindsay Lohan!

But no--Us Weekly is reporting that Amanda has developed an "obsessive hatred" of the red-headed star and talks about her often.

And while Lindsay's rep says there is no feud--that didn't stop LiLo from tweeting that she didn't understand why Amanda had yet to be punished for any of her incidents with the law!

We're not taking sides, but we have to admit that she kind of has a point!

Should Amanda Bynes and Lindsay Lohan Become Allies?
Yes - maybe they can whip each other into shape16 (40.0%)
No - they are bad influences for one another24 (60.0%)

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