Justin Bieber's Car Gets Towed in Los Angeles...While He's Performing at His Own Show!

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Justin Bieber#NotSoSwaggy Justin Bieber's always having car trouble! But this time he wasn't pulled over in his fancy ride for driving like a crazy man!

While performing at his sold out show at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, Justin's Fisker Karma car got towed outside of his Santa Monica hotel.

Pictures have surfaced everywhere of the Biebs' shiny car getting pulled up out of its parking space, after the car took up a fifteen minute only spot for over four hours!

How rude!

The car was towed and put into the impound lot where it was later picked up.

The car mishap wasn't Justin's fault of course! Apparently one of his peeps parked his ride there. We bet JB wasn't too happy with that person!

The story did make us chuckle a little bit though! First he pukes on stage then his car gets towed...only the Biebs!

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