Taylor Swift Sticks Up to Bullies in a Cool Way; Justin Bieber's Mom Might Have a Date! (CLICKWORTHY!)

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And who is Nicki Minaj blaming her fight with Mariah Carey on?

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Taylor Swift really stuck it to online bullies! Click to find out what cool thing she did! [Teen]

We love Candie's spokesmodel Lea Michele. And we LOVE the new Candie's Collection on Meez, where you can create an avatar and dress her up in cool Candie's clothes, then dance with your friends, watch new movie trailers or just hang out. [Meez]

Check out Starbuck's awesome tribute to Demi Lovato!

Which old band is Vanessa Hudgens totally feeling these days? [JustJared]

Whoa! Nicki Minaj is blaming WHO for the taped American Idol fight with Mariah Carey? [WetPaint]

What do you think of Debby Ryan's Taylor Swift cover?

Which actors do you think suck at playing teens? Check out this list...there's a Glee star on the list! [HuffPostTeen]

Does Justin Bieber's mom have a hot date coming up? Possibly! See which celeb she might be going out with! [AOL Music]

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