Justin Bieber is 'Terrified' of Sharks--So Why Did He Go Swimming With Them?

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Watch Justin go underwater for his 'Believe' tour! Spoiler alert--if Justin Bieber's Believe tour has yet to come to your town, then you've been warned that the video above has footage of some very special moments shown on screen during the concert.

During the show, Justin shows images of himself swimming with sharks--and it's NOT an illusion!

"We shot in an actual aquarium with real sharks--and I'm terrified of them!" Justin says. "I was so scared. It took me an hour to get in the water."

While girlfriend Selena Gomez wasn't there to comfort him, Justin did feel better that there was a group of female dancers in the water. Safety in numbers, right?

John Chu, the tour director, even got in the water himself to prove to Justin that all was safe.

And the final result is really so cool and beautiful to watch!

Awww--don't you just love the things that Justin will do to put on a good show and impress his fans? You know, like risk his life?

Have you seen the Believe tour yet? What did you think? And if not, do you have tickets for a show in your city?

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