What Kind of Crazy Wedding--and Dress--is JWoww Planning? We Have All the Details!

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What kind of over the top bash do you think she should have? Last night was the premiere of the FINAL season of Jersey Shore. And while out celebrating, JWoww was all smiles--and filled with major dish--about the next chapter of her life.

Of course that next chapter is all about planning her wedding to her fiance and long time boyfriend Roger Matthews!

JWoww told Us Weekly that her dream wedding would take place in Las Vegas!

"I want to hit up every rock star place in Las Vegas with my wedding party!" she said.

This is a couple that did get engaged while skydiving so of course their big day will be over the top!

Not that anything has been officially planned just yet.

JWoww says that they're "soaking in the engagement" for now but she's started thinking a little bit about what her wedding dress will look like.

There's just has one requirement--she has to have her boobs out!

Well, if you've watched even one second of Jersey Shore than you know that's just the way JWoww's wardrobe goes!

What kind of wedding--and wedding dress--do you think JWoww should have?

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