Lady Gaga Pulls a "Justin Bieber" and Throws Up on Stage! (WATCH!)

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Apparently there's a sick bug going around Hollywood!

First Justin Bieber caught it and threw up on stage, all thanks to spaghetti, milk and not feeling great. Now, Lady Gaga is the latest puking-on-stage victim.

During her show in Barcelona, Lady Gaga threw up on stage during her "Edge of Glory" song performance.

With her back towards the crowd, Lady G threw up about four times! One of her dancers even patted her on the back to make sure she was okay during the puke-fest. She might've been sick but she didn't miss one beat of her routine...crazy right?!

Of course, the whole thing was caught on tape and Lady Gaga later even made fun of herself.

This wasn't the only icky thing to happen to Lady G last week, she upset a lot of fans after she refused to pose for pics at her perfume launch in London too. Read about that HERE!

Watch Lady Gaga throw up on stage in the video below!

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EW! Watch Justin Bieber barf on stage too...HERE!
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