'Married to Jonas': What Was the Big Announcement? Plus BONUS Clip!

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Well, the Married to Jonas big announcement from Kevin and Danielle wasn't baby news... did you think they'd spill that Danielle Jonas is pregnant?

Nah. Nope.

Instead, Kevin and Dani's big secret news was that they're taking the family to Florence, Italy.

Everyone except for Dani's mom was super excited--seems her fear of flying made her pretty uneasy about the big news.

Check out this Married to Jonas episode 7 bonus clip, where we see Kevin driving Danielle's family out into the middle of nowhere for a camping trip.

As Dani's mother notes, "nobody would hear you scream."

Oh boy.

Did you watch the Married to Jonas camping trip episode?

What did you think of the big news?

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