You'll Never Believe What Harry Styles Just Spent Over $100K On!

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Harry Styles is living large with the money his success with One Direction has brought his way!

He just spent over $3 million on his new home in north London. And now he's sparing no cost decorating it, spending over $100K on artwork!

An art trader in the UK by the name of Lenny Villa told the Mail on Sunday, "We've had a call from a dealer who says Harry is looking for investment art, but modern and funky."

The dealer is sending Harry paintings by famous painters Bambi and Banksy, including one of Rihanna and one of Kate Moss!

While Harry is looking to invest in artwork, the rest of the house he's looking to decorate on a budget and checking out Ikea!

How do you think Harry should decorate his home? And are you surprised he would be interested in paintings of Rihanna and Kate Moss?

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