Lindsay Lohan's Fight With Her Mom Dina: 5 Biggest Shockers From the Tape!

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Lindsay LohanListen to frantic phone call to her dad! We have to admit, we're getting a bit tired of Lindsay Lohan and her hot-mess of a life, but her recent drama-fest is pretty interesting. And just when you think you have a "special" about hers!

In case you haven't heard, Lindsay got into a fight with her mother Dina on Wednesday. To make a long story short, the two of them were out partying and on their way home argued about $40,000 Li-Lo apparently lent her mom. The argument got pretty heated--Lindsay ended up with a broken bracelet and a cut on her leg. In the midst of it all, Lindsay called her dad Michael, and (surprise!) he taped their conversation.

We've listened to the tape (check it out on TMZ) and must say it leaves us kind of feeling bad for Lindsay! Check out our list of the 5 biggest shockers from the Lindsay and Dina fight:

1. Lindsay says she lent Dina $40K! Apparently it was to save her mom's house from foreclosure and is what set off their argument in the limo Wednesday.

2. Michael Lohan sounds kind of sane! Known to be quite the character too, it's surprising that he seemed like the only normal one.

3. They started their night out at 1AM! And the fight between them started at 4AM when they were leaving the club...who parties with their mom until 4AM?!

4. They hired a limo! Known to be the worst driver like's positively (literally) shocking Li-Lo got a limo to take her and Dina home!

5. Dina's the one accused of being on drugs! Who's the parent here?

Bonus shocker: Lindsay and Dina were snapped hugging each other the next day. Ugh

Whose side are you on? Do you feel bad for Lindsay? Are you over her? Let us know!



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