Demi Lovato: Simon is Just a Grumpy Old Man!

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Demi joked about her X Factor boss during our anti-bullying live Q&A

During today's live Q&A in support of Secret's Mean Stinks campaign, Demi Lovato answered all of your burning questions about bullying!

To start things off and share her personal connection to the cause, Demi explained, "I've spoken out about what I've dealt with, especially when I was bullied, because I want to raise awareness of it. I want people to know how serious of an issue it is. It had a lot to do with the reason why I had so many issues later on down the road."

As thousands of questions came in via Twitter (thanks for making #gangupforgood a trending topic), Demi added, "This is such a serious problem that sometimes people do take their lives over it. We should be really nice to the people around us. Don't gossip with one another. Don't get involved in any drama. It's not worth your time."

When asked a light-hearted question, "Since you pledged not to bully, does that mean Simon too?" Demi laughed and responded, "Well, let me tell you about Simon. You know, he is just a grumpy old man! The way that I look at it, I'm just defending my country, because here he comes over from the UK thinking he can be mean to all of these Americans. And I gotta stand up for my fellow Americans." Then she added, "We're not really bullying. It's just in good fun. So of course if it was serious, I would not be doing it."

As always, Demi's bottom line was uplifting and inspirational.

"I'm literally living proof that you can get through it," she reminded fans.

Watch the full replay now.

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