Justin Bieber Gives Back to New York With New Anti-Bullying PSA (WATCH!)

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Justin BieberWatch it HERE! Justin Bieber knows he has to keep his word and that's exactly what he did recently for the city of New York.

Do you remember when Justin went to a New York City mall in 2009 and caused a HUGE uproar? Girls pretty much went nuts and chaos broke out everywhere. A lot of people were injured.

The cops weren't happy about Justin's unplanned appearance and misdemeanor charges were filed.

A plea bargain was accepted by Justin's camp and Justin agreed to give back to the city the best way he can think of in order to avoid legal troubles.

Three years later, Justin is giving back. A new Justin Bieber anti-bullying PSA has been released. It will be shown to public school students in Nassau County, New York.

In the video, a very serious and sophisticated-looking Bieber discusses cyber-bullying and how the Internet was made to inspire and not bully people. And if anyone should know about cyber- bullying, it's Justin. He gets ton of negative tweets and comments everyday, ugh!

We've seen Justin's message and think it's pretty cool and a great way to give back.

Check out Justin Bieber's Nassau County anti-bullying PSA below! Let us know what you think!

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