Jonas Brothers 'Wedding Bells' Lyrics: Nick Jonas Sings About Miley Cyrus

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Is the Jonas Brothers' new song Wedding Bells about Miley Cyrus?

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Is the Jonas Brothers' new song, Wedding Bells, about Miley Cyrus?

The Jonas Brothers debuted new songs at their Radio City Music Hall concert, including Wedding Bells, sung by Nick Jonas.

Check out the Wedding Bells lyrics and all signs point to it being penned about Miley!

We know Niley is a long-gone thing of the past, but Nick poured his heart out in the new song about Miley getting married to Liam Hemsworth.

Does this mean Nick still loves Miley? Does it mean he doesn't want her to get married?

With lyrics that include "If you recall our anniversary falls eleven nights in June," you know Nick is referencing his relationship with Miley (Niley fans know their anniversary is June 11!).

Let's look at it in context though--before singing Wedding Bells, Nick told the crowd, "You have to write a song and apologize for it later... I don't know that I've ever written a song that makes me as uncomfortable as this song does... and although it's not the way I feel at this moment in time, hopefully this gives you a glimpse into what that experience was like for me."

So, it was just his feelings "in that moment"--we're guessing he's moved on, but it made for some great song lyrics, right?

Wedding Bells lyrics:

Pardon my interruption
This drink's just settling in
On my reservations, a reason I don't exist

She says, can you keep a secret
A ceremony set for June
I know it's a rush but I just love him so much
I hope that you can meet him soon

No, I don't wanna love if it's not you
I don't wanna hear the wedding bells bloom
Maybe we can try one last time
But I dont wanna hear the wedding bells chime

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