90210's Michael Steger Talks On-Set Pranks and Upcoming Show Scoop! (EXCLUSIVE!)

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90210 star AND hottie Michael Steger recently stopped by the Cambio studios to chat it up on our lovely blue couch.

From what he tells us, the show's new season is going to be epic, with people from prior ones returning to a shoot at the Playboy Mansion!

Michael revealed that his character Navid is still a major troublemaker.

"He's really messing things up and distancing himself from the girls and the guys...he's full of hell this year," he said.

As for things behind-the-scenes and on set, Michael told us that a lot of pranking goes on!

"The guys like to torture me, for some reason, by taking turns and doing stuff to my trailer!... I know the girls are in on it too, but they won't tell me who is up to it!" he said.

Check out our entire interview with Michael above! And don't forget to see him on 90210, Monday nights at 8PM EST on The CW!

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