One Direction Fragrance: Find Out What the 1D Perfume Will Smell Like

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The One Direction fragrance comes out next year--get the details!

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The One Direction guys have a lot going on these days--and now they can add celebrity fragrance to their merchandise lineup.

Okay, so it's not exactly like you'll smell like 1D if you buy their perfume, but wouldn't it be cool if someone bottled their scent?

Look for the One Direction fragrance to come out in July 2013, just in time for their worldwide tour.

Well played, guys. Just when Directioners will be worked into a frenzy about the tour, push a new perfume in front of them!


Of course, it all begs the question: "What does the One Direction fragrance smell like?"

According to Marie Claire, a source reveals the perfume is "going to be a sweet scent, definitely floral too."

The 1D perfume joins their line of fun One Direction branded items, including dolls, toothpaste and toothbrushes, and UGG boots.

Will you buy One Direction's fragrance?
Yes! Love them!1591 (81.1%)
Maybe. Depends on the smell and the price.340 (17.3%)
No. I don't do celeb fragrances.31 (1.6%)

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