Get Your Laugh On: 5 Funniest Posts of the Week (Including Punny Halloween Costumes)!

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Our friends at HuffPost Comedy brought it this week with 5 amazing LOL-worthy posts

Suburban Sweetheart

Our friends at HuffPost Comedy had us cracking up all all over again this week with plenty of hilarious features. If you're looking for a laugh, we have five of the best funny posts from the site below.

Punny Halloween Costumes
Still looking for a sweet Halloween costume? Why not try a literal translation of something? That's what these guys did and their outfits were nothing short of amazing. Get inspired here.

30 Funny Tear-Off Tab Flyers

Flyers with tear-off tabs are all over, but the next time you see a telephone pole or supermarket bulletin board, look twice. You just may find a weird sign like one of these that will definitely make your day.

19 Exercise Fails

Working out can be dangerous, especially if you're one of these people! Check out some of the worst exercise fails ever to learn what not to do at home or at the gym.

17 Actually Useful Pet Tricks
Pets can do amazing things, and in the case of these awesome animals, their tricks are not only fun, but they're useful too! See what these incredible dogs, cats and more can do here.

Ultimate Faceplant Compilation
Accidents happen and sometimes they're caught on video. We feel bad for these peeps, but we can't help but wince and giggle a little at some of their unreal faceplants.

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