Which Former 'American Idol' Contestant is Going to be on 'Glee?' Find Out Here!

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fans rejoice!

Not only is our girl Dianna Agron coming back to the show but former American Idol contestant Jessica Sanchez is joining the singing all-star cast as well!

It was confirmed on Tuesday that Jessica will appear on the show frequently. There isn't any confirmation yet on when her episodes will air or who she'll play, but MTV reported that Glee creator Ryan Murphy was writing a special character just for her!

We heard rumors about Jessica's Glee gig in June
, and we're more than thrilled to hear it's now reality.

It seems like things aren't going too bad for her after losing the top spot to Phillip Phillips on Idol.

Are you excited to see Jessica on Glee? Let us know!

Do you think Jessica is a good fit for 'Glee?'
YES! She can sing!543 (73.6%)
NO!97 (13.1%)
I'll decide after I see her on the show!98 (13.3%)

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