Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran's New Single Leaked! Listen to "Everything Has Changed" Here!

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We seriously can't stop listening to this song!

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Our week has just gotten SO much better!

Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran's single "Everything Has Changed" has been leaked onto the net and all though that kind of sucks for them...it's totally awesome for us!

"Everything Has Changed" is full of cute lyrics and cool guitar sounds in typical Tay and Ed fashion. And we have to admit, their musical talent mixes nicely and we totally love their voices together!

The new song will be on Taylor's upcoming album Red. It is due to hit stores on Monday, October 22.

Until her album drops, Taylor has been releasing new songs weekly for her fans to hear. "Everything Has Changed" came as a surprise and is one of the best songs from the album we've heard so far!

Listen to Taylor and Ed's new tune below and let us know what you think about it!

Are you feeling "Everything Has Changed?"
OMG YES! I LOVE IT!240 (82.8%)
No, not really!20 (6.9%)
I'm not sure yet!30 (10.3%)

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