Did Harry Styles and Taylor Swift Date? Find Out Why Sources Say It Didn't Work Out!

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Did Harry Styles dump Taylor Swift? The answer might surprise you!

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Just when you thought that new Taylor Swift song was about Jake Gyllenhaal...

Before Taylor Swift dated Conor Kennedy, she not only had a relationship with Jake but with One Direction's Harry Styles too!

According to Radar Online and The Sun, Taylor Swift and Harry Styles dated awhile ago after meeting backstage at a show in the United States.

Taylor was apparently really into him (who wouldn't be?!) and unfortunately got her heart broken after she found pictures of him online hanging out with 18-year-old model Emma Ostilly.


Harry allegedly tried his best to text Taylor his apologies after he got busted and he even hinted at wanting to make it official with her! BUT, Tay-Tay wasn't having it! Snooze you lose Harry!

So maybe some of those songs off Taylor's new album Red (released today!) are about him? We wouldn't doubt it! Let's just hope there are hints about the song's inspiration in the album's linar notes!

Taylor has yet to comment on the situation. But, if they never dated, don't you think she'd say this is all a rumor?!

Do you think Harry Styles really broke Taylor Swift's heart? Do you think they really had something going on?

We say yes!...(Harry DOES like blondes!)

Maybe that's who she's "never ever getting back together" with?!

Are you convinced Taylor and Harry dated before?
OMG yes! I believe it!278 (16.5%)
No, I need to hear from Harry or Taylor to believe it.1035 (61.3%)
Hmm, I'm not sure!376 (22.3%)

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