'Chasing Mavericks' Star Jonny Weston: "I Think the Surfing Stuff is Going to Blow People Out of the Water!"

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Oh my hotness!

The adorable and gorgeous Jonny Weston stopped by to talk surfing and his upcoming movie Chasing Mavericks, and we have to admit...we've kind of been riding a wave of infatuation ever since!

Effortlessly pulling off the surfer-boy look (he likes to surf in real life too!), Jonny plays the late Jay Moriarty, a teen surfer who rode some of the biggest waves ever. To perfect the role, Jonny hung out with Jay's friends and family and realized he had a major responsibility [to portray him accurately].

Former acquaintances protective of Jay's memory could be "douche bags" at times, says Jonny, ripping on the clothes and equipment he was using in the film.

Jonny isn't the only hottie in the flick. Gerard Butler plays Santa Cruz, CA, surfing legend Frosty Hesson.

See what else Jonny has to say abut the new movie by watching our entire interview with him above! And don't forget to check out Chasing Mavericks when it hits theaters October 26!

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