Taylor Swift 'Red' Liner Notes: Find Out Who Her New Songs Are About From the Hints She Left Her Fans!

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Which one of her new songs is SO about Joe Jonas? Selena Gomez?

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Taylor Swift's new album Red was released yesterday and we seriously haven't stopped listening to it since we bought it!

So we're doing our duty as awesome music-loving Americans to over-analyze Taylor's new lyrics and do our best to figure out her song inspiration hints in the album's liner notes. From what we've found online too, we aren't the only ones who have figured it all out!

Just like she did with her last album Speak Now, Taylor capitalized certain letters in the CD's notes (which don't only come with the CD, but are available as an iTunes download too!). When you put the specific letters together, they spell out hints to the song's inspiration.

Track: "State of Grace"
Meaning?: In the song she refers to her guy being a Sagittarius and having blue eyes...basically writing Jake Gyllenhaal's name all over it. He has gorgeous blue eyes and was born on December 19, 1980...making him a Sagittarius...just like Taylor!

Track: "Red"
Her hidden code: The capital letters on this one spell out SAG, again, referring to Jake's astrological sign.
Meaning?: It's the album's title track and seems to be about a reckless, fast-paced love that ends abruptly. She might be obsessed with the astrological sign because they were both born in December and their relationship ended in December too.

Track: "Treacherous" and "I Knew You Were Trouble"
Her hidden code: Taylor's secret codes spell out "WON'T STOP TIL IT'S OVER" and "WHEN YOU SAW ME DANCING." Unfortunately, we can't figure this one out...can you?!
Meaning?: Both tunes are about a relationship that was dangerous from the get-go...typical Taylor stuff!

Track: "All Too Well"
Her hidden code: MAPLE LATTES--totally referring to the awesomeness she and Jake Gyllenhaal were sipping on during their very publicized date.
Meaning?: This is basically this album's "Dear John" song but it's totally about Jake. She refers to a guy who wore glasses when he was young (like Jake did!), Jake's sister Maggie and the scarf she wore in their coffee date pics.

Track: "22"
Her hidden code: She calls out her BFFs with the codes ASHLEY (Greene) DIANNA (Agron) CLAIRE (Calloway) and SELENA (Gomez).
Meaning?: This is the fun song on the CD that totally makes you want to go out with your BFFs! It is about having an exciting night with girlfriends and Taylor totally forgetting she's a celeb and successful.

Tracks: "I Almost Do" and "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together"
Meanings?: These two song are quite obviously linked, describing a guy who keeps trying to get in touch with Taylor even after it's all over with. We've narrowed it down to two guys for this one: Parachute front-man Will Anderson or Jake, of course.

Which guy seems like the booty-call type to you?

Track: "Stay Stay Stay"
Meaning?: It's a cute little ditty about a guy who loves her despite the fact that she is a general pain in the you-know-what. We think it's about Will Anderson!

Track: "The Last Time"
Her hidden code: LA ON YOUR BREAK
Meaning?: This is Taylor's duet with the lead singer of Snow Patrol. We think it's another tune about John Mayer, who took a major break from his career last year and is known to go to Los Angeles a lot even though he's a New York City native.

Track: "Holy Ground"
Meaning: This is a song about a relationship that ended, but of which Taylor still has fond memories.

Joe Jonas is the only ex of hers who regularly attends her concerts so this one is definitely about him. It's good to see she's getting along with him...did you hear "Last Kiss" on her last album? It was about him too and was pretty intense!

Track: "Sad Beautiful Tragic."
Her hidden code: WHILE YOU WERE ON A TRAIN
Meaning: She talks about being on a train and might be referencing to Jake's time touring on a train with the music group, Mumford & Sons.

Track: "The Lucky One"
Her hidden code?: WOULDN'T YOU LIKE TO KNOW
Meaning?: This one is about a singer or a movie star whose fame burned out quickly after her secrets ended up in tabloids and she was replaced by younger, prettier versions of herself. We're a little stuck here, except that the celeb in question uses a stage name and spent some time on the French Riviera. Think she's talking about a real person she knows or made someone up?

Track: "Everything Has Changed"
Her hidden code?: HYANNIS PORT
Meaning: Her duet with Ed Sheeran, this one is an obvious reference to her current boyfriend Conor Kennedy, although it was written before they met! Maybe she saw this one coming?

Track: "Starlight"
Her hidden code?: FOR ETHEL
Meaning: We guess the Kennedys don't hate Tay too much! She wrote this song for Conor's grandmother, Ethel Kennedy. It was apparently inspired by an old photograph of Ethel and Robert Kennedy.

Track: "Begin Again"
Her hidden code?: I WEAR HEELS NOW
Meaning?: She sings about finding a new relationship and it totally helping her get over an older one. We think she's talking about meeting Conor and getting over Jake. In the song, she talks about not being able to wear heels with her former boyfriend...Jake is barely taller than she is!

All in all, Taylor has impressed us again, releasing awesome music that comes straight from her heart. While she really ripped Jake a new one on this album, we think her new tunes are epic and love getting to know who they are really about.

What do you think of Taylor's new album? Have you listened to it yet? Do you agree with our Red analysis? Let us know!



Check out Taylor's new music video for "Begin Again" HERE!
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