Liam Payne on The Wanted vs. One Direction Feud: Did Liam Slam The Wanted?

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What did Liam Payne say about The Wanted?

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Is there a feud brewing between One Direction and The Wanted?

We tend to think the answer is no, but magazines and blogs love to stir up the 1D and The Wanted drama, and one mag has 1D's Liam Payne weighing in on the boy band fight.

Liam reportedly told Now magazine, "To be honest, we haven't really got a problem with anyone. We've never really said anything about it. We've kind of ignored it."

He added, "But for me, The Wanted have made their career more about us than anything else. They've only got themselves to blame."

What's that now?

Liam further explains, "They do their dance music and we'll do our rock 'n' roll kind of thing. They've constantly compared us in the press. They rose to the bait, whereas we've said they can do what they want."

There's a lot of interesting stuff here--first, did Liam really say this? Second, why does he believe The Wanted made their career about 1D?

And lastly--um--"rock 'n' roll" is not what comes to mind when you think of One Direction, does it?

We follow both 1D and The Wanted--there's never been any feud between the bands, but it does seem The Wanted get asked about One Direction a lot, don't they?

Both bands are set to appear at New York's Jingle Ball 2012 on December 7, and Max George tells The Huffington Post that all's good between them all: "There's no rivalry there."

Tom Parker mirrored that sentiment, saying, "They're British and they're doing their thing and we're doing our thing and I think it's just great with the two British bands in the US."

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