Selena Gomez: Whoa! Why is Her "Dad" Suing Justin Bieber?!

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Selena GomezGet the whole story HERE! First Justin Bieber had to deal with baby mama drama and then a swatting prank that brought the police to his house, now he's getting sued by a man who claims to be his girlfriend's dad!

TMZ is reporting that a Michigan man is saying he's Selena Gomez's father and has shot off some absurd claims about the Biebs that involve male enhancement drugs, stolen credit cards and cocaine use.

Poor Justin!

Probably one of the most absurd lawsuits we've ever heard, this case is totally crazy and fake.

Seriously, what's wrong with people?!

You can't help but wonder what Selena, Justin and their families think about this whole thing too! Embarrassing.

Justin and Selena aren't the only celebs who have had to deal with ridiculous lawsuits recently either...Rihanna just got sued by a Chris Brown impostor!

Ugh! Do people need attention that bad?!

Do you think something should be done to protect celebs from situations like this? Obviously something needs to be done!

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