Justin Bieber To Sit Down and Spill to Oprah in New, In-Depth Interview!

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And tells you how you can be the one less lonely girl on stage at his show! Justin Bieber and Oprah are BFFs? Pretty much!

The singer and TV queen recently hung out and sat down for an intense talk while he was in Illinois on his Believe tour.

The meeting was all taped for Oprah's hit show, "Oprah's Next Chapter," known for intense interviews with the Kardashians and Whitney Houston's family.

The two celebs dined and shopped a little while he apparently opened up to her about things he's never talked about in an interview before.

Oprah tweeted the Bieber interview news and some pictures of the two of them together. Their session wrapped up yesterday and will air Sunday, November 25 at 9PM EST.

There's already talk about what he spills in the interview...like his relationship with Selena Gomez and how he picks the "One Less Lonely Girl" fan to get up on stage with him!

Check out the video above to get more details about Justin's OWN interview! Are you going to tune in?

Are you going to watch Justin's Oprah interview?
YES! I'm dying to know what he opens up about!31 (79.5%)
No probably not!7 (17.9%)
I guess, if there's nothing better on TV.1 (2.6%)

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