Taylor Swift Reportedly Splits With Conor Kennedy: Will They Ever, Ever Get Back Together?

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The country superstar is back on the market after a whirlwind summer romance. Let's hope this was amicable!

According to Us Weekly, Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy have split. Taylor, 22, and Conor, 18, were first spotted in July and were inseparable for months to follow.

"They quietly parted ways a while ago," a source tells the magazine. "It was just a distance thing. No hard feelings. They're fine."

The singer/songwriter has been incredibly busy with her new album, so that breakup theory seems likely.

"It's been over a month since they've even seen each other," the friend explains. "With her promotion for Red, she has no time off until the end of the year."

Taylor is notorious for writing about love lost and it can be brutally honest at times. Just ask exes Joe Jonas, Taylor Lautner and Jake Gyllenhaal (who is currently experiencing the wrath of Swift on Red).

Here's hoping Conor gets the "Back to December" treatment on her next album rather than the "We are Never Ever Getting Back Together" anthem.

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