Does Selena Gomez Fake Date Justin Bieber to Help Her Image and Career?

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Do you think he helped boost her career? Say it isn't so!

Selena Gomez dating Justin Bieber just to boost her career? Hmm...

A source close to the couple has told that Selena is staying with the Biebs for fame and sticking it out with him because he's good for her brand. Her people apparently want her to stay with him too...of course!

Dating Justin has put Selena in the spotlight more than her career ever has, so we can totally see why someone might speculate such a thing. But is Selena really that shallow?

Justin and Selena break-up rumors surfaced earlier this week with reports that both of them are super jealous and insecure when it comes to each other. But, from his new interview with Oprah, Justin convinced us the two young celebs were happy! Now, we aren't too sure what to think...

Do you think Selena is with Justin to help out her career? Let us know!

Is Selena staying with Justin to boost her brand?
Yep! It wouldn't surprise me!701 (44.9%)
NO WAY! She's so sweet and really loves him!542 (34.7%)
Hmm! I'm not sure!319 (20.4%)

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