Source: Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart "In a Good Place," Not a PR Stunt

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The 'Twilight' couple appears solid as ever while out in Hollywood Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are back (literally, they were all over the world!) and seem better than ever.

The Twilight lovers reunited Thursday night at Sayers Club in Hollywood where, according to MSN Wonderwall, the two were "tenderly affectionate" while attending a private Prince show.

"He would put his arm around her and she would sort of nuzzle him in moments," a witness tells Wonderall. "It was really cute!"

Many naysayers--and certain tabloids--of course believe Rob and Kristen reuniting is all to promote their upcoming film Breaking Dawn Part 2, but sources close to the couple tell Cambio that's simply not the case.

"They could care less what people think," an insider says about the duo getting back together. "They don't pay attention to that stuff."

In fact, we're told the two are "in a good place" considering everything that happened this summer and are continuing to move past the cheating scandal.

"Obviously time will help heal, but bottom line is these two love each other," adds another insider.

We're happy to see them back together and having a great time! Are you?

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