Taylor Swift Agreed to Write a Song About Which Celeb?

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Taylor SwiftIt's totally not who you're thinking of! We all know Taylor Swift loves to write about her ex-boyfriends but there's one guy you might hear a song about soon...and she hasn't even dated him!

While promoting the release of Red, she stopped by David Letterman's late-night talk show to discuss the new album and her ex-boyfriend-hating lyrics.

Being totally serious, during the interview, Letterman asked Tay if she'd consider writing a song about him. Taylor was down for the idea but said she'd only do it if she doesn't get angry e-mails or interviews from people! (People send hate e-mails...really?!)

And let's be honest, who could write a song about...David Letterman? Best of luck with that Taylor!

Do you think Taylor will really write a song about David Letterman? We say yes! It might not be on her next album but we bet she will totally have one to sing to him the next time she's on his show!



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