Justin Bieber Gets New Owl Tattoo! Did He Shave His Head?

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See the pics here!

Justin Bieber's Owl TattooInstagram

Is the Biebs going through a crisis? We see the signs!

Not only did Justin Bieber just get another tattoo but he might've shaved his head too!

Justin tweeted a pic of his new ink the other night and we have to admit, we think it's cool!

He got an owl perched on branch on his forearm, right next to his "Believe" tat.

As for his iconic hair, from another pic he posted online, it seems like he might've shaved it off!

You can't really see his entire head but it looks low on the sides, like there might be designs shaved into it? Check out the picture below and you be the judge!

New tattoo? Shaved head? We see the signs of a crisis here! Is everything okay with Justin? There are those Selena Gomez breakup rumors going around...

We hope everything is fine and he's just trying to have some fun!

Do you think he shaved his head? What do you think of his new tattoo? Let us know!

Do you like Justin's new tattoo?
YES! It's awesome!272 (44.2%)
No, not really!179 (29.1%)
Eh, it's okay! I don't really get it...165 (26.8%)

Did The Biebs get a crazy, new do?
I think so! I bet there's a design on there!139 (27.7%)
No, I think he just got a normal haircut!225 (44.8%)
Hmmm, I'm not sure!138 (27.5%)

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